Beats, Rhymes, Lyrics & Poetry

Our BRLP workshops allow young people to creatively and critically express themselves on important issues that matter to them, whilst also learning how to effectively perform written pieces acapella or over an instrumental to the group.


They will learn key writing skills that will be used to help develop their ideas in a safe setting that encourages diverse and authentic writing.


Students will aim to complete each term with a minimum of three professional authentic written pieces in various lyrical forms. Chosen pieces will be submitted to writing competitions at the end of each term.


  • Writing songs, raps and poems.
  • Free writing and vocal freestyle.
  • Lyrical games and performance techniques.
  • Learn about various lyrical forms.
  • Share ideas, feedback and group discussions.
  • Showcase performance to family and friends.


THURSDAY’S 8-12 years
Time: 04.15 pm – 05:15 pm
Cost: £12
Location: Horniman Primary School, South East London