It Still Hurts


Directed By: Tim Porter


Written and Produced By: Aysha Scott


Starring: Kane Ogieva and Jermaine Cope


Supporting Cast: Yinka Awoni, Cejay Campbell, Alex Meyers and Kevin Hoang.



S.O.U.L Uk (Bfi) – Heaven (Kush Films) – Southpole Iff- Ififf – Roadworks Media – Indiewise – Industry Boost – Back Room Cinema – Validate Yourself – Women Of The Lens


Best Edited At Validate Yourself Awards 2017


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Two teenagers facing incarceration confront their troubled past and uncertain future.


AIDEN (Kane Ogieva) 19, a troubled young man from South London is waiting to stand trial on a murder charge. Whilst waiting his verdict in the dense court cell alongside his guiltless best friend BRIAN (Jermaine Cope), he reminisces his dark childhood memories that he experienced at the hands of his abusive father.


The film relives some of the untold stories of our communities. An emotional tale of Brotherhood, Violent crime, Child Abuse and how the nightmares of the past can come back to haunt one’s future.