Created and Directed By:
K. D Pascall


Screenplay By:
K. D Pascall and Aysha Scott


Produced by:
K. D Pascall and Aysha Scott


Chris Storrar


Aubrey Whyte, Lawrence Brown and Juanita Ingram




British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) 2016 and British Urban Film Awards 2017 Nominated for Best Feature and Best Emerging Actors.

Residential follows the journey into the deep and cold blooded mind of Bolo, (played by Aubrey Whyte) a paranoid sociopath with a vision to set up life back home in Jamaica with his family. Bolo’s days on the streets of South London as a prolific ‘Don’ have expired and he realises it’s time to step down but not before agreeing to do ‘one more’ drug transaction with Kingston Jamaica’s most wanted person of interest, ‘Fats’.


He plans to fully legitimise himself with the profits never to look back. Things take an ugly turn when ‘Freshers’ his childhood friend is mysteriously gunned down in a vicious set up, forcing bolo to return to the life that he’s been trying to escape from, not knowing that an unexpected fate awaits him that will shake the foundations of everything that he’s ever believed in.