A compassionate catholic teacher panics when she finds a suicide note in her classroom and attempts to discover the vulnerable pupil.

After a long hard day of teaching, Mrs Armstrong marks her students work until a piece of paper on the floor catches her eye. When she goes to inspect the scrunched up piece of paper she discovers that it’s a suicide note from one of her pupils. Her days of catholic teaching, suddenly becomes a hunting ground to save the vulnerable pupil, and it turns out that all what she thought she knew of her class she knew nothing at all.

Dismissed, is a social impact, awareness film highlighting key signs overlooked in the classroom with young suicide and mental health victims; such as self-harm, bullying and the pressure to perform academically. 

Director, Writer and Producer: Aysha Scott

Director of Photography: AJ James

Co Producer: Sam Addo

Sound Recordist: Jack Cox

1st AD: Leah Scott

Casting Director/Production Assistant: Georgina Charles

Set Design/Production Assistant: Holly Ford-Hunt

Production Assistant: Donna Dowe

Principal Hair and Make-UP: Amy Whyard

Hair & Make-UP: Emma Williams and Olivia Henderson

BTS Photographer: Tunji Jinadu

Cast Members: Cindy Humphrey, Imaan Humphrey, Louise Skelly, Tianna Thompson, Kira Porter, Antonia Clougherty, India Humphrey, Claire Gaura, Raven Farrington, Rhianna Clements, Abigail Sneddon, Iesha Cumberbatch, Abby Harris, Rhyanna Parara, Goda Nalivaikaite, Sienna Eden, Megan Harper and Miram Croft

IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10045632/


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