20 May Training/Feedback

IMG-20160208-WA0012-1Over the past few months working for A Scott Productions has been very enlightening, and has given me the opportunity to work with many professionals across the film industry. From actors to the runners, make up artists, designers and much more industry creatives. I have been able to observe the audition process and learn what it takes to really impress a director, regardless of whether you secure the part.

Working with a small independent but dedicated and talented team has taught me so much about the pre-production process, including how to breakdown a script, and securing a sponsorship deal. This journey with A Scott Productions has been fantastic so far and I am excited to see where it will take me and what further skills and understanding of filmmaking I will obtain.


image1Working as a Casting Director for A Scott Productions has been an amazing eye opener. I have learnt so many new skills as well as improving and utilising old ones. I have learned the importance of time keeping, management and organisation to keep the planning e of pre-production solid. How to looking deeper into an actor and seeing something that others may not see and have also discovered how important it is to understand the character whether they are vital to the project or whether they have a minor role.

Overall,  having this opportunity as a young aspiring filmmaker to work with A Scott Productions has opened many doors for my future career prospects that I had never before considered and would have had extreme difficulty obtaining within such a tough industry.


HeadShot (Black&White)As a young aspiring filmmaker working with A Scott Production, it has been extremely helpful with gaining more insight into the film industry.  Experiences learnt from behind the scenes on the short film production It Still Hurts as a Trainee Production Assistant has been phenomenal.

The most important teachings of A Scott Productions is that it’s not just about shooting a film but about the overall collaboration of creatives. I had so much fun on set seeing the production crew creating shots and building scenes from my storyboards and seeing the actors bring characters to life. It was an amazing experience and one that I will take with me on whilst pursuing my career further.



pastedImageWorking as a Trainee Production Assistant for A Scott Productions’s short film It Still Hurts and Absent has been a great opportunity for my filmmaking career. It has been a fantastic adventure and a dream come true being apart of such a fantastic team and company. I enjoy assisting actors and the crew, helping to record auditions and handling daily duties on set as well as organising equipment, supplies and ensuring things are ready for the shoot.

This kind of experience gives me great advantage to to becoming a skilled young filmmaker. Being only 18 it would be extremely difficult for me to gain this experience elsewhere as the industry is very competitive and I am grateful to ASP for giving me this opportunity.


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