SAF – Workshop

13 May SAF – Workshop

SAF is an innovative screenwriting, acting and filmmaking workshop for 11 – 18 year olds with a desire for filmmaking and those who want to turn their creative imagination into reality. Young people will be given the opportunity to explore short film conventions, whist having complete control of the step-by-step process to producing their very own short film; by participating as a scriptwriter, starring in the film as an actor or being a part of the production crew.

Our core focus is to allow young people to engage in filmmaking as a way to express and highlight youth social issues. Each workshop will produce films based on themes such as bullying, insecurities, gangs, violence, peer pressure, relationships and poverty to give an example. Young people will gain a new perspective and learn how to convey poignant subject matters through a visual form.

Young people will learn about all aspects of filmmaking from qualified and highly experienced industry professionals in fun, inspiring bespoke workshops. Offering filmmaking as a valuable resource for improving social development and giving young people a voice.

Films will be made to a high standard to be submitted to top film festivals and distributed throughout schools as an educational tool to share with other young people who may learn or gain a deeper insight into the subject matter through the vision of young filmmakers. They will also have the opportunity to exhibit the short film at a red carpet screening to family and friends, via online mediums and on a DVD to watch at home. Participants will get the chance to meet guests speakers established in a range of filmmaking principles. Certificates and selected awards will be presented at the end of each term for participating in the workshop.

The workshops will run as extra-curricular film activities at after school clubs, on Saturdays, during holidays and as collaborative learning programmes in schools. Enabling young people to learn viable filmmaking skills, engage with their peers and gain confidence in a creative environment. 

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