10 May Absent

Feisty, ambitious and driven, 32-year-old Angel Washington is a go-getter. Hailing from humble beginnings in south London, she has her own blossoming career goals when she meets Marcus, a 35-year-old, handsome man with an equally attractive career. Deeply in love, Angel bears Marcus’s child, Joshua. All seems well to begin with but Marcus finds that the balance between the commitment and sacrifices that family life demands and the backdrop of his glamorous, city stockbroker lifestyle, is one that he can’t live up to and Marcus leaves Angel to a life she’d never envisioned, that of single parenthood.

It’s in her quest to pursue Marcus in his responsibilities to his child, that Angel’s life descends into hardship as she looses her job and as a result any hope of continuing her career dreams. In conflict and pain, with her life spiraling out of control Angel takes us on a journey of what happens when fathers leave their children and families and the destructive, painful explosive consequences that follow. Absent is retrospective as it takes us into Angel’s past and her own hurt as we find out that she too had been abandoned by her own father as he was by his.

Set in contemporary London, this true-life story portrayal of single parenthood will pull at your heartstrings, but still leave room for offbeat, humorous moments. You’ll be left with a message that speaks to your soul and offers you a new perspective on an all-important social issue.



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